GrantWatch Connects the Charity Dots.

Finding free money isn’t easy but  I am sure you knew that before I told you.

GrantWatch, has developed an Enter a New Grant portal for foundations, philanthropists and government agencies to post their grants for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, individuals and students.

The site has a user friendly web portal designed for nonprofit grant givers to post clear and organized information about their funding opportunities.

According to Libby Hikind, Founder and CEO of Grantwatch, “With so many grants available, it was time to streamline the grants posting process. I wanted to make it simpler for the Foundations and government agencies to post their grants and for the organizations to view the offering. We compared many grant offerings and came up with fields and categories funding agencies need to describe their grant and what grant seekers need to quickly review and determine their interest, focus and eligibility.”

To post information, users click the Enter a Grant button on the site’s home page. From there, the site offers a comprehensive form that can be used to share all the funding details. The form requires basic information about each allocation, including an official and unofficial title.

I used to LIVE for these.

I used to LIVE for these.

Through the Enter a Grant form, patrons can specify a deadline for the funding or indicate that the opportunity is ongoing. A similar time frame can be set for letters of intent (LOI). GrantWatch’s form also allows users to select from a comprehensive list of eligibility requirements and categories to refine the posting’s description.

GrantWatch is also introducing the Grant Writer Team program, which matches experienced professional grant writers with grant seekers.

I cant lie, the site could use some help regarding their web design but otherwise, it’s a pretty cool idea.

See for yourself.