Miguel Sings for the Rent.

Last week I got a chuckle when I read reports that NBA Rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson said he has roommates because NYC rent is costly.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Hollis-Jefferson—who will make $1.33 million this upcoming season as a Brooklyn Nets small forward – said that he was shocked to find that his salary gets slashed to about half, when you account for taxes, and he’s also flabbergasted at the sky-high rents that New York City has to offer.

“You can live in a nice, three-bedroom condo with all that in Dallas for, like, 2,000 bucks,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “Three-bedroom, three-bathroom in New York, you’re paying eight grand. It’s ridiculous.”

Indeed and welcome to my world.

OK, so I must have been living under a rock as earlier this month, Miguel also got in on the issue of renter’s woes. According to Rolling Stone, the singer delivered an intimate, acoustic three-song set in the living room of a Detroit family as part “Concerts for the 1st,” a new series from Make Room. The organization is dedicated to raising awareness of low-income families struggling to pay rising rents while facing wage stagnation.

Miguel’s performance was the fourth in Make Room’s “Concert for the 1st” series, which began in May with Carly Rae Jepsen opened performing in the living room of a Los Angeles family. The series has also featured singer Timothy Bloom in Paterson, New Jersey and rock outfit John and Jacob in Nashville. Each concert is accompanied by a short documentary about the host family, as well as links to directly donate to them.

Well, alright then!

Find out more about Make Room here and see Miguel perform below.