Ad Love: Microsoft

Last week I was a victim of verbal assault – I was told to, “go back to my country,” and called the N-word. I wasn’t in a so-called red state but on my way to work here in NYC which is supposed to be a melting pot. Unfortunately, of late, the city has shown more hate than love. I won’t succumb to it and it’s good to see brands take a stand also.

Microsoft’s new holiday spot aims to promote positivity by bringing together inspiring individuals to create a piece of art.

Its “Art of Harmony” ad, which will start airing nationwide today, shows seven people who have been standing up for causes they believe in using Microsoft’s Surface Studio to make a collaborative drawing. The final product is displayed at the end of the video on Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo, Brooklyn, followed by the words, “When the world seems divided, coming together can be a beautiful thing.”

The 60-second commercial will run on networks including NBC, ABC and Fox, and a 90-second version will live online.

Check it out and share the love…

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