My Voice.

You likely don’t know this but my voice is featured on a pretty popular video game. Ever heard of, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? The game was released over ten years ago and, according to Wikipedia, “is set in 1986 within the fictional city of Vice City, which is heavily based on Miami. The plot is based on multiple real-life events in Miami such as Cuban, Haitian and Biker gangs, the 1980s crack epidemic, mafioso-Scarface type drug lords of Miami and the 1980s dominance of glam metal…”

I fell into VO by mistake. I was working in production on a show at MTV. On the random, the Show Runner called my desk line one afternoon and left a message telling me to call him back ASAP. The next day, I was the voice of the show.

I went on to record my first demo, a bunch of TV and radio spots and I’m even on a VO instructional video. A secret: if I could act full time and get paid to do so full time, I would in a blink. This summer, I rediscovered my love for the art of VO and stepped back into the booth to record a spanking new demo. Take a listen.


Oh, and there’s a great deal more to come. Stay tuned…


Back in the booth…

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