Michelle Obama – This is for my Girls

I can’t lie – I will miss Michelle Obama as FLOTUS. She’s super-smart, funny, beautiful, a great mom, a fashonista and so much more. I feel like crying when I think about her leaving the White House.

She further demonstrated her fabulousness during SXSW this week. Flotus delivered a keynote address where she, Missy Elliott and songwriter Diane Warren spoke about the, “Let Girls Learn initiative,” which seeks to break barriers to education for girls and is part of the #62MillionGirls global campaign.

“It’s just a sign of what a group of women can do together. We can change the world, we can have an impact on these girls and they don’t know we’re doing it,” Obama said of the initiative.

FLOTUS also detailed how men can contribute towards ensuring that women have a brighter future. “In this country today, women still makes 70 cents on every dollar a man makes… I hope we’re all raising young men who are coming to these positions of power with a different level of sensitivity and understanding and – as I said, I can’t say it more – empathy to create inclusion and that’s how we start to fix this problem.”

Obama also suggested another way in which men can ensure that there is more diversity, both racially and gender-wise, in “their seat at the table where they have access to power.”

Here’s my ode to her SXSW visit. Did I say how much I will miss her? *weeps*


Um, one of the best selfies ever.


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