Ad Love: #LikeaGirl

I’ve already expressed my undying love for emojis. The Kim Kardashian ones will always take favor with me and I almost feel guilty mentioning them in this post. There are some folks who are taking a long, hard look at the ‘girl’ emojis and expressing they are, in fact, too girly. Enter, P&G company, Always and #LikeaGirl.

Always’ “Like a Girl” campaign, which points out in a new ad that the images of women in the standard Unicode emoji set are stereotypical. Beyond the neutral female emoji, there’s a princess, a bride, a pair of twins, a dancer in a red dress and a series of “information desk” characters. Male emoji characters, meanwhile, include Santa Claus, a policeman, a guardsman, a detective, a construction worker and an angel.

For the new “Like a Girl” spot,  girls were interviewed and asked how they feel about the current emoji choices.Emoji images are particularly important, Always says, because they are used so much by young, impressionable people.  At the end of the ad, the brand asks: “What girl emoji do you want? Tell us with #LikeAGirl.”

 Check it out:

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