I don’t work for free. Yet, in my industry, I am always being asked to provide samples, complete assignments – prove. prove. prove. The practice is common in the world of marketing. It is supposed to showcase to could-be-clients that you actually know what the hell you are doing. To keep it real, it is ineffective and only results in a high risk of ideas being stolen, lots of wasted time and this weird feeling that you are being judged and aren’t trusted. That’s no way to start a business relationship!

It makes me as angry as when I realized there were no signs of Christmas on my Starbucks red cup.

To be honest, I didn’t care about the latter….

Getting back the matter at hand, no other industry asks you to work for free. Advertising needs to chill. Check out this video which drives that point home. Architects, picture framers, a barista and more were asked to provide their services for free. The reactions are pretty damn hilarious.

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