Tinder, Have a Seat.

When I read Vanity Fair’s, Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse,” I cannot lie, I felt bad. How lonely must it be to be in lurk/hunt/seek mode almost 24 hours-a-day to then have meaningless, sexual encounters with people you hardly know or care about? The well-written article provided an inside look into the dating world of some millennials. If I had any envy of the group who is highly sought after by marketing/brand companies, the sentiment immediately evaporated after I read the expose. Here are a few lines from it for the cheap seats in the back:

It is the very abundance of options provided by online dating which may be making men less inclined to treat any particular woman as a “priority,”

“[Hooking up] is a lot easier. No one gets hurt—well, not on the surface.”

Anxiety about intimacy comes from having “grown up on social media,” so “we don’t know how to talk to each other face-to-face.”


Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure an app like Tinder can help surface true love for those who are ready, willing and able. But, the article kind of speaks the truth, lots of people don’t use it for such. So, maybe that’s why Tinder went on a crazy Twitter-rant after the piece was published:

tinder 1

I don’t know about you, but I can almost HEAR the whining!

tinder 2

Here’s the thing: If Tinder isn’t what people are saying it is, fine. However, the company being defensive and explaining the mission and purpose time and time again..that, dear hearts, actually proves the very point which is being made. The app is for those who have an immature communications style and the company does too. At least Tinder is being consistent!

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