I Spent My B-Day Tweeting UPS.

Yesterday was my birthday. The day ended well, with my little sister presenting me with the cutest birthday cake I ever laid my eyes on. The top of the day…that was a different story.

My beloved Blackberry Z10 started giving me trouble last week. Please don’t ask why I have a Blackberry – it’s my personal choice. Anyway, I dropped the phone in the sink last week and it has been glitchy ever since. So I called T-Mobile and they sent out a replacement to arrive to me the following day – Friday. Of course I missed that delivery. Who the hell is home in the middle of the day? UPS told me they would return at roughly the same time on Monday, October 6th. At first I was annoyed. But then I thought, “I’m off from work. They’ll show up at 11 and I’ll head out!”

When the clock hit 2 p.m. and I still hadn’t heard from UPS, I was livid. And so, I started to do what any Digital Strategist who is obsessed with social customer care would do. I tweeted.


After waiting and waiting, I had no choice but to leave the house. I admit that I was impressed that UPS was trying really hard to resolve the matter. Where they failed was with the off-line component. Perhaps this system could have been better if it were connected to the driver and used GPS to give a real-time update. Then, I would have been prepared for the wait and/or known to go about my business.

The irony is after all of that, I still have to go to Maspeth, NY (?) to pick up the package and have just 4 days before my phone is shipped right back to T-Mobile. Gotta love it.


At least it all ended rather sweetly:


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