How Brands Reach Millennials Via Cause Marketing

Great Recession be damned.

Millennials form the most socially conscious generation since the Baby Boomers and they will eclipse Boomers in spending by 2017. That’s why businesses are increasingly interested in finding creative and business-generating ways to reach the growing ranks of ‘conscientious consumers’; those who opt to do business with companies that give back in some way.



On March 26, 2014 at 2 p.m. EST, a panel of cause marketing experts will convene for an interactive webinar to explore trends in cause related marketing. The discussion will address the ways that businesses can align with worthy nonprofits to connect with conscientious consumers in a meaningful and profitable way.

Panelists will include Jay Ziskrout, Founder & CEO of “rewarded giving” cause marketing service Charitable Checkout; Philips McCarty, CEO of cause marketing & pro-social consultancy Good Scout Group; Allison Doyle, Director of Marketing & Strategic Projects for globally-inspired burrito purveyor Boloco; Michael Solomon, Founder of nonprofit Musicians On Call; and Joe Sibilia, CEO of digital media channel CSRwire.

The interactive webinar, hosted in partnership with Spreecast, will consist of brief panelist presentations and attendee questions. Anyone wishing to watch or participate can attend the event via:

I’ll be there. Will You?

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