Zuck’s in the Holiday Spirit.

We are two days away from Christmas. Why oh why am I not feeling the holiday spirit?! Apparently, I need to take cue from Mike Zuckerberg who is very much in the giving mood.

Last week, Zuckerberg announced plans to give 18 million Facebook shares to charity by the end of the month.

The gift is worth just under $1 billion.

Ho, ho, ho!

Ho, ho, ho!

The money will go toward Zuckerberg’s foundation, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and The Breakthrough Prize In Life Science, a Noble Prize-like award.

Zuckerberg is giving his shares away as part of a secondary stock offering from Facebook.

Reuters says Zuckerberg will sell 41.4 million shares, reducing his voting power in the company from 58.8% to 56.1%.

Zuck didn’t stop there. He then turned his giving-ease to the actual Facebook platform….

Facebook has added a “Donate Now” button to make it easier for users to donate to non-profits. The button appears next to posts by 19 different nonprofit organizations that partner with Facebook. Users who choose to donate via this method will be prompted to enter the amount of money they want to donate and enter payment information directly through Facebook.

The Donate Now button will be a permanent fixture on certain nonprofit pages of organizations like UNICEF and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Nonprofits that want to be included in this program can apply for inclusion.

‘Tis the season….

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