Mayor Bloomberg And Girl Power

I woke up yesterday to good news. New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg decided to take a stand for girls.

Let me explain…

Bloomberg is taking on the popular, unattainable notions of beauty with a campaign that tells girls that they are beautiful the way they are.

Mainly through bus and subway ads, the campaign aims to reach girls from about 7 to 12 years old, who are at risk of negative body images that can lead to eating disorders, drinking, acting out sexually, suicide and bullying. girl

The $330,000 campaign, called NYC Girls Project, will also offer physical fitness classes for girls through the parks department, a pilot program addressing self-esteem issues for girls at 75 after-school programs, and a Twitter campaign, #ImAGirl.

A 30-second video will be shown in taxis, on YouTube and on the campaign’s Web site, which will offer resources for parents and girls.

The Paley Center for Media, in partnership with the city and Spark Movement, which works against the sexualization of women in media, has developed related programs that look at the representation of girls on television.

I am so loving this idea and can’t wait to see it grow.

Girl Power.

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