mGive Foundation Study Challenges NPOs

mGive Foundation, a 501(c)(3) established to make it easy for nonprofits to quickly execute effective text donation campaigns – and for mobile operators to support them, recently released a study which (I hope) will finally put to bed that text-to-give is the only way to mobile fund-raise.

The focus of the study was to examine, who mobile donors are by obtaining basic demographics; whether donation via text impacts the likelihood of donation through other channels or the amount given through other channels; preferred subscriber communication content; what dollar amount donors are comfortable with donating via text and more.

Here’s what I found most interesting:

1. Mobile phone numbers have a long lifespan.
Seventy-five percent of donors have had their mobile number for more than five years (with 48 percent retaining the same number for eight years or more).
2. Mobile is only one of the top three preferred methods of donating.
Donors reported they like to contribute online, with live events and mobile donations nearly tied as the second pick.
4. More donors are hearing about text donation campaigns via social media. When respondents were asked how they heard about text donation campaigns, the primary method was “TV or radio” at 67 percent, with social media being the second most common method, at nearly 28 percent, a six-point increase from
5. Donors increasingly want more types of information from nonprofits via text. Other than donation information, respondents were more receptive to receiving other information compared to the 2012 survey, with 17.6 saying they would like to receive information about surveys (a six point increase over 2012); 32.8
percent said information about volunteering  (a nine point jump over 2012); and, 18.6 percent said program information (a four point increase over 2012).

Point #5 is my fave.

Now will organizations begin to think outside of the box? We shall see. In the meantime, read the report yourself.

JPEG study infographic 21-resized-600

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