Duracell Puts Power Behind Everyday Heroes

Forget what you heard, the old-school alkaline battery is alive and well. My kitchen clock that has been stuck on 1:33 for the past week is a testament to just that.  Alkaline batteries gained 1.5 percent in revenue in the 52 weeks ending June 16, according to IRI, a market data firm.

Now Duracell, is introducing a line of batteries, Quantum, that will be its most powerful, and which will come at a premium and to kick off the campaign, which starts today and includes online advertising and videos featuring first responders describing heroic rescues. Duracell’s association with emergency workers goes back to at least 2002, when a commercial featured the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, a volunteer search and rescue squad for mountainous terrain, with the brand emphasizing that team members use Duracell batteries for their flashlights and headlamps.

Along with featuring emergency workers in numerous commercials since then, in 2011 the brand introduced its Duracell Power Relief program, which dispatches trucks and trailers to disaster areas to distribute free batteries and provide charging stations for cellphones and laptops.

Since its inception, the program has deployed 11 times after disasters like hurricanes and blizzards, distributing more than 250,000 batteries.

Check out the ad below:

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