Warren Buffett Teaches Me How To Give

When a ba-zillionaire speaks, I listen. Such was the case when I heard that today, uber-rich Warren Buffett is giving students enrolled in an online class the opportunity to decide how to spend $100,000 of his sister’s money.

The course, which started today, will teach students about philanthropy and will feature advice from the likes of the well-to-do. More than 4,000 people (me included) have signed up for the course, and the amount of money being given away could increase if more people sign up.

So why is he doing this?

Well, Buffett is on a mission to gradually give away all of his $58 billion Berkshire Hathaway stock while his sister, Doris, has already given more than $150 million away in an attempt to redistribute her wealth before she dies.

Must be nice.

Advice from the big-name givers will be featured at the end of each of the six class sessions talking about different aspects of philanthropy.

The four-week course consists of a series of videos with titles like “Why Do People Give,” “What’s Relevant to You?” and “The Challenge With Measuring Impact.”

You too can learn to give away a ton of dough. Start by watching this clip:

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