An Update on A Billion + Change

Just last week, A Billion + Change announced that it has inspired the largest commitment of pro bono service in history. More than 500 companies across the country—from the largest in the Fortune 100 to the smallest sole proprietorships—have committed to provide more than $2 billion worth of skills-based volunteer services to help nonprofits address critical community priorities at home and around the world.

Michelle Nunn, CEO of Points of Light, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service, made the announcement at  Points of Light’s National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, D.C.

Leadership partners of the campaign, including Deloitte, IBM, HP, The Case Foundation, Corporation for National and Community Service, Capital One and MWW spoke about the growing importance of pro bono service in corporate social responsibility and shared examples of how they are contributing their most valuable assets to communities—the skills and talents of their people. billionchange

Whether it’s volunteering mentoring, marketing, financial or strategic consulting services or sitting on a nonprofit board, businesses are redefining what it means to give back to communities through skills-based volunteer service.

Here are other key facts behind the Billion + Change campaign:

  • More than 500 companies have pledged more than $2 billion worth of pro bono services – the equivalent of over 6,400 full-time employees – to tackle the tough problems and pressing needs of nonprofits and communities.
  • The top three pledge states are: Pennsylvania, New York, Texas and California, with 46, 43, 35 and 30 pledges respectively. The D.C. Metro Area has the most pledges.
  • 50% of pledges are small businesses, 3% are mid-size, and 47% are large companies.
  • The top five pledge industries are: architecture and design, communications/PR, financial services, technology and professional services.
  • The top three impact areas are: education, youth, community revitalization and the environment/conservation.

A Billion + Change pushed past its goal when it announced a partnership with Public Architecture’s 1% program. Public Architecture’s network represents the 1% national network of nearly 1200 architecture and design firms who commit nearly $45 million in pro bono services every year.

To tell the stories of A Billion + Change’s pledge companies, the campaign has released “The Billion + Change Story: A First Look Inside the Largest Commitment of Corporate Pro Bono Service in History.” The publication reviews the progress pledge companies have made since November 2011, the lessons they have learned, and the impact they’ve had.

Find out more here.

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