@Dosomething and @Mobilecommons Get Into the Marketing Game

These are tough times for everyone, especially non-profit organizations that are trying to meet fundraising goals. Traditional plans for gathering donations just don’t cut it anymore. To respond, smart NPOs are going above and beyond typical means. Some are even using their areas of expertise to help drive business. Enter, Do Something.

The national nonprofit organization that encourages young adults to become involved in causes and civic action, is starting a unit devoted to helping marketers and other organizations better engage with young Americans.

Now that’s smart.don-t-keep-calm-just-do-something-about-it

Dubbed, TMI, as in “Too Much Information,” the new unit will offer marketers and organizations services like those already used by Do Something in creating cause campaigns, which it promotes each year to its 1.7 million members and other Americans ages 13 to 25.

Mobile Commons, a mobile technology and strategy company in Brooklyn that works with Do Something on its cause campaigns, will also work with TMI.

TMI’s initial clients include Pearson, the education and media company, which will work with it on products that teach English as a second language and are sold in countries like Brazil, China, India and Indonesia.


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