Allstate’s @giveitupforgood

It’s funny – despite all of our means to stay in the know, good is often hard to find. You can hear about celebrity gossip, political scandals and ratchetness at the click of a button. But to find, good? Well, good luck.

Now Allstate is helping to make that easier, thankfully.

The company believes that good is being done all around you. By just opening up your eyes you can discover many great people, events, and things are happening all around you everyday in every community.

To help get us all to co-sign, they have created a pretty sweet social media platform which broadcasts good. Give It Up For Good is a multifaceted  website which aggregates a ton of good news. Everything from inspirational quotes, to lists of celebrity do-gooders, to local charities that are changing communities, to “Good of the Week” videos are featured and we all can get in on the act by sharing our good via Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the promo video below and the platform here.




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