Final Nail In The Coffin: Nike Cuts Ties With Livestrong

In March, the charity formerly known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation attempted to erase links to cyclist Lance Armstrong via a re-brand which included changing its name to Livestrong and unveiling a new logo.

It may have been too little too late.

Nike has ended its nine-year association with the cancer charity  as it moves to severe final ties.

No more.

No more.

The company will stop producing its range of Livestrong-branded products including its iconic yellow wristband by the end of the year. Nike has been making apparel for the cancer charity since 2004 and has helped raise $100m  since, according to Livestrong.

The move sees Nike walk away from a charity it helped turn into a global brand in an attempt to further disassociate itself with Armstrong. The company terminated its sponsorship deal with the former cyclist last year after revelations he used performance-enchaining drugs.

In a statement Livestrong officials said the foundation is “deeply grateful” to Nike for its “creative drive”.

It adds: “This news will prompt some to jump to negative conclusions about the Foundation’s future. We see things quite differently. We expected and planned for changes like this and are therefore in a good position to adjust swiftly and move forward with our patient-focused work. Because of our sound fiscal health, the Foundation is well-positioned to continue to grow our free services for cancer patients and survivors that improve quality of life and access to care.

The foundation has cut its 2013 budget by10.9%. It also cited its four-star rating from Charity Navigator, which evaluates charities based on financial heath, accountability and transparency.

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