Behold: The Aspirational Consumer.


On May 22, GlobeScan, SustainAbility, and BBMG will present their recent study “Re-Thinking Consumption” to learn how “Aspirational” consumers are balancing social and environmental values with material desires to shape the future of sustainability. Participants will be able to hear from corporate leaders who are successfully innovating solutions that resonate with this consumer group. In intimate Ideation workshops, individuals will have an opportunity to articulate challenges and successes  with engaging this vital stakeholder.

The event is in Canada. However, if you can’t spring for a flight, there’s an accompanying webinar, which should be pretty awesome as well.

Who Should Participate:

Decision makers and practitioners looking to understand consumer trends, latest research on consumer attitudes and behaviours towards sustainability, and who want to be part of those developing solutions and collaborating with peers.

What you will learn:

  • Attributes of the “Aspirational” consumer and the opportunities to engage them
  • Current barriers to sustainable consumption
  • How to successfully build trust and educate consumers
  • Hear from brands that have successfully engaged the “Aspirationals” in their products/services and how they did it (in-person event only)
  • Take part in intimate Ideation workshops and collaborate with peers (in-person event only)
  • Business model innovation and how can companies successfully incorporate models like “shared economy” “Do-It-Yourself” into existing models of delivering goods and services (in-person event only)
  • The cultural values that help us move to a more sustainable society (in-person event only)

Speakers – Regeneration Consumer Study Overview:

  • Chris Coulter, CEO, GlobeScan
  • Raphael Bemporad, Founding Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, BBMG
  • Lorraine Smith, Director, SustainAbility

Speakers – Brands successful in engaging “Aspirationals”:

  • Christian Demers, General Manager, Zipcar
  • Kelly Drennan, Founding Executive Director, Fashion Takes Action
  • Robert Fox, Executive Director, Oxfam Canada
  • Stephanie Kohls, Director of Communications, Environmental Defence
  • Carl Blanchet, Corporate Director of Business Development, Cascades Inc.
  • Laurie Simmonds, President & CEO, Green Living Enterprises (Moderator)

Find out more here.

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