The Serve America Act – 4 Years Later.

It all seemed simple enough. In 2006, I transitioned from corporate into the non-profit world. I knew what I was getting into – sort of.

I knew I wanted to give back and ‘do good,’ but that was about it. In my search for the job that would launch this new chapter in my life, I came across the national organization, City Year. The Americorps program allowed 17-24 year olds to dedicate 10 months to full-time service in schools across the world. It sounded good. Little did I know that the role  I took on as part of the external affairs team would begin my obsession with service.

Key to the national service movement is the Serve America Act (SAA). This past Sunday, April 21st, marked the four year anniversary of the SAA. Back in 2009, leaders from across the political spectrum — from John McCain and Orrin Hatch to Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama — came together to get this bill passed, and with it a promise to dramatically expand opportunities for Americans to dedicate a year of their lives to national service programs like AmeriCorps.

For all the talk of this generation’s disengagement and disillusionment, more Americans applied for national service last year than ever before. And yet, nearly 85% were turned away because AmeriCorps has not been expanded.

Organizations such as ServiceNation aren’t giving up just yet. They’re asking for your help to grow the service movement and, ultimately, change the country one community at a time.

Interested? Take a look.



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