I *Heart* Infographics.

More and more information is being released relating to non profit social media marketing and fundraising efforts these days. I’m a data-monger and so it’s all good. However, I will say that I absolutely love it when insights are presented in pretty little infographics.

In my previous post, I shared research from the 2013 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study, conducted by M+R Strategic Services and NTEN which crowned email the Queen of fundraising tools.

Below are additional findings including an infographic which speaks volumes (click on it to enlarge). The study showed:

  • A 21% year-over-year increase in online revenue overall, with only International groups recording a decline in online giving.
  • A sharp decline in certain key email metrics, such as a 14% decline in click-through rates for advocacy messages and 27% decline for fundraising messages. Those declines were driven mostly by Rights and International groups, whereas advocacy messages sent on behalf of Environmental groups performed best.
  • Since 2011, online monthly giving grew 43%, or more than twice as fast as one-time giving. Although still a small percentage of overall giving, sustaining gifts for International groups now account for18% of revenue.

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