Do the Right Thing.

I recently read an article which posed question that got the old wheels in the head ‘a turnin’, “If a company “does the right thing” when it comes to environmentalism, social justice, or some other public issue, does the motivation matter?”

Such a GREAT question. Why should anyone give a damn about why a company is doing good and if they are only doing so for the “wrong” reasons? As long as they are doing the right thing, that should be all that matters, right?

Some say companies should care about their impact on employees, communities, and the planet as they pursue profit. Others assert  that you should fit the sustainability to the culture of the organization.

Ah, 1989!

Ah, 1989!

I am not sure that there’s a one size fits all answer. However, the article provided an excellent equation of sorts to get a company to the point of solution:

Purpose is about articulating what it is you are trying to build. Values define how you will pursue that purpose. There’s then the business model.  For-profit leaders tend to put the greatest emphasis on the numbers; nonprofit leaders at defining purpose, or mission. Clarity about all three — purpose, values, and the business model — is essential for every organization if its leaders and followers alike are to know what is the right thing to do.

This seems simple enough.

So if it is, why all the fuss? Perhaps the answer will come in a subsequent post.

Ah, 1989!

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