Finding Nemo.

The first major snowstorm of ’13 came and went. Although the occurrence, christened, Nemo, was major, he wasn’t as scary as anticipated. At least, not in the humble borough of BK.

I look at Nemo as a metaphor of how my colleagues in search of the next big professional thing will approach what remains of the year.

I’m no Sam Champion but let me offer this advise as you weather your professional storm.

My View.

My View.

1. Be prepared for it – flashlights, wine, cupcakes, Stevie Wonder dowloads, Sex and the City Deluxe DVD set… You stocked up and devoured it all, New Year’s resolutions be damned.  When it comes to your professional network, have you stocked up? Who do you need to reconnect with? Where are the opportunities to get new individuals to be in your corner? Don’t wait until you really need to tap into your network to build it up. By then, you may be too late.

2. Listen to the experts but trust your gut – I chose to ignore the weather forecasters and head into the city Friday at a time when the storm would, ‘really be escalating’. Instead, I found some light snow-ice and an eerily empty Times Square. Even today, I took advantage and headed out. And I’m glad I did. A quiet, empty(ish) NY is a rare and beautiful thing. So where am I going with this? Yes, the economic climate is tough. Yes, jobs are limited. When everyone is assuming just because the pundits say it, it’s Bible, there’s more opportunity. Take the chance and put yourself out there. Showcase your skills. You’ll stand out because others listened to ‘experts,’ they followed the rules and they fell back.

3. Enjoy every moment – some people sneer and suck their teeth when they hear of snow approaching. I don’t mind at all. In fact, the more major the storm, the better. There’s something about the falling flakes and drifts after that make me keenly aware of my surroundings and the beauty in it all. Sure, a job search can be tough as hell. There will be ups and downs whether you’re employed or not. I challenge you to take the time to notice all of the interesting characters along the way and relish in it.

The Backyard.

The Backyard.

Storms come but the sun is destined to shine after one. In the light of the day, how would you have taken advantage?

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