E = Roc Nation (Squared)

After meeting Mayor Corey Booker last Saturday at the #FOCUS100 conference, I thought I was on a birthday roll. Turns out, Jay Z was competing with me.

I had the pleasure of taking in the final Jay Z concert at Barclay’s Center on my birthday and to say that I had a blast would be an understatement. It was 3 hours of rapping along with Jay as he performed his classics and new stuff. And then there was the surprise Beyoncé appearance…words escape me at this moment.

What was really different about Jay’s show is that throughout, he sprinkled words of inspiration and encouragement that reflected his journey to perform before the intimate crowd of 18,000. My fave?: “I believe everyone in here has genius level talent – outside noise just gets in the way. Don’t let anyone put their fears or insecurities on your dreams.”

Can I Get an Encore?

Wow. Who knew Jay could be so deep?

Jigga is on a mentorship/giveback roll it seems. It was just announced that he signed a math teacher to his Roc Nation family. That’s right, Mr. Jovan Miles, a math academic coach and educator working out of Atlanta, GA., joins the likes of Rihanna and J-Cole. The signing marks the first time a record label has signed an educator to a major rap label of Roc Nation’s stature.

“Think about it like a grant. Yeah, I called myself the Kennedy of the game, but now call me the MacArthur of the game, too. Genius,” remarked S.Carter.

I don’t know about you but I’m interested to see what will come of this.

Cory and I.

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