Wrong Turn. Right Result.

It started off innocently enough. My little sister, father and I hopped into a Suzuki compact rental and headed off to her graduation rehearsal. We were in Buffalo, NY and left three hours in advance headed to her campus which was only an hour away. In the market for a new car, it felt good being behind the wheel although,  the robotic voice of the GPS device (and the loud one of my father) guiding us along the way was testing me at every turn. All was well.

And then we ended up in Canada. And then we were detained at the border. And then the tears (of anger from my sister, of despair from daddy) came.

No one wanted to hear that we had made a wrong turn and had no passports to prove that our intentions weren’t suspicious. A small mistake had the potential of costing us dearly.

In the end, it didn’t.

One hour later, the boarder patrol located my passport information in the system (“You were in the Bahamas in 2007?” asked the attendant. Big Brother IS real!) and we were only five minutes late.

While we were in the moment, the circumstance was frightening and unbelievable. Less than a day later, dad, lil’ sis and I laughed about it all over a graduation celebration dinner.

The adventure was a metaphor for life, my career and the road to the very commencement we were there for.  Sometimes you can be misguided and in the midst of it you want out, are frustrated and angry as you curse the ‘wrong’ steps you made.


SUNY Fredonia Commencement – 2012

In the end though, there’s a bigger purpose behind it all and if you’re lucky, you’ll emerge unscathed.

Will you challenge yourself to not be afraid of wrong turns in your social media strategy/relationships/weekly team meeting/love life/coffee choice this week?

I hope so. Happy Monday.

All Smiles – Post Canada.

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