Spring Goodness.

Spring is in the air and the signs that come with the season have also appeared. Ah yes, the new leaves on trees; lighter layers of clothing; the season finales of my favorite shows…

And the flood of invites to fundraisers from my friends. Dinners. Galas. Benefit walks. Oh my!
“Don’t forget to tweet!; ‘Like’ and spread the word!; Check out our photo album and donate!” I’m exhausted and I’m not even the one soliciting support.

One night over drinks, I asked my friend Byron how he was managing it all since I could barely keep up. He admitted that he was approaching his fundraising and recruiting goals at a steady pace but there was much more to be done and it was a lot to manage. I could imagine – he works full time as an Architect AND is trying to slay poverty on Twitter.
I then remembered another good friend mentioning BroadCause. There are many things I could say about the platform, but what you most need to know is its pretty friggin’ amazing for someone who needs people to rally around a cause and manage it on in a neat, simple way. For example, say you want to rally a team of young professionals who are from Brooklyn to participate in the upcoming AIDS Walk New York. No problem: you can put out the call to gather them then raise funds, promote on your social networks, set up ticketing for the prep and post parties (courtesy of Eventbrite) and thank them all from the same place.

I told Byron about this super tool and scored a free dessert.

Determined to earn more brownie bites, I shared the pluses of BroadCause during my session on social media at the New York Junior League’s Business of Doing Good Conference.

I didn’t get any desserts but there were a bunch of people who were impressed that the platform speaks to the pain-points of non- profits that are overwhelmed in such a simple way. Most were anxious to go back to the office and try out BroadCause for themselves.

What are you waiting for, go tell your friends. Or sign up yourself.

How about you? How do you manage your events? What challenges do you face?

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