Two New Ways for You to Be the Change

These are far from idealistic times. Somehow we went from,’Yes We Can’ to, ‘Can We Really?’  It makes me sad. What about you?

Thankfully, there are two new sites that seek to ignite the flame of hope in our hearts.

MTV leads the charge with their ‘Be the Change Movement‘. The initiative provides individuals with a clear and powerful way to be a part of the change we wish to see in the world. By joining, people not only commit themselves to being the change they want to see, they also immediately serve as an inspiration and support to others. By maintaining a commitment to perform at least one intentional positive Act of Change per day and document it, individuals not only experience the immediate satisfaction and pride associated with making a difference, they are also invited to create a clear and powerful record of their accomplishments. Visitors can blog acts of change, as well as search for “Circles Of Change” near their communities.

Then there’s Changents. Changents  engages audiences in the unfolding stories of Change Agents who are taking on the world’s most urgent issues. With a mission to connect people who are changing the world with those who help them, Changents develops original, consumer-facing programs that align the world’s most exciting Change Agents with top corporate citizens in support of each other.  Changents currently helps hundreds of Change Agents working across 30 countries including artists and adventurers, entrepreneurs and inventors, musicians and first responders, athletes and activists.

So there you have it folks: two ways to beat the ‘make a difference’ blahs.

Ready. Set. Change the world.

2 thoughts on “Two New Ways for You to Be the Change

  1. Jen says:

    Thank you for mentioning us! I think Changents is a very unique and exciting way to engage with people who are changing the world and a way to become part of their movements.

  2. SF says:

    It’s always refreshing to hear about the uplifting work folks are doing especially whn it comes to institutionalizing the power of change and kindness. Unfortunately, when it comes to resources available to millennials–I’m really pleased about the excess. I think it’s more a question of , yes you can–but will you? The sites you mentioned reflect the efforts of a few—I look forward to seeing working for change being in the forefront of millennials endeavors.

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