CauseOn Adds the Warm and Fuzzy to Daily Deals

I was recently chatting with a friend about how obsessed I’ve become with Groupon and Loot. I have convinced myself on numerous occasions that I needed a hot air balloon ride, speed reading lessons, 10-dollar tickets to a comedy show and so much more after receiving early morning discount ‘deals’ in my email box. Someone has finally figured out a way to capitalize on my need to spend compulsively to the benefit of worthy causes.

CauseOn recently announced a new approach to online discount couponing with the launch of its first site in Portland. CauseOn will not only focus on giving consumers amazing deals, with discounts ranging from 50% to 90%, but will give up to 20% of its revenues to a cause of the customer’s choice. CauseOn also announced its first five cause partners, led by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the global leader of the breast cancer movement.

With CauseOn, you can either have the daily offers emailed directly to you or go to the CauseOn site to access the daily deals. CauseOn brings customers the best possible prices on deals ranging from restaurants, spas, salons, tickets, tours, hotels and entertainment, localized your metro region. While others have developed online coupon sites, no other site incorporates the deep partnership with causes. Each CauseOn metro site partners with leading local causes and allows customers who purchase CauseOn coupons (CauseOns) to designate which cause will receive the contribution from their purchases.

Portland CauseOn is live now for consumers to sign up. The first deals will be offered today (September 1st).

Consumers can join on the site at no cost and then have daily deals pushed to them via email.  Within a year, the company expects to have a presence in 45 US metro areas. CauseOn will roll out its next sites in New York City, Seattle, Denver, Orange County and Los Angeles.

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