We All Need to Take Note

While the economy is on a supposed upswing, there are so many that are still without work and have been for long stretches of time. It can be hard to keep your eye on the prize when your out-box is full of resumes and your in-box is full of spam mail and promotions for clothes you can’t afford to buy.

My hero of the week is Reed Sandridge, a 36-year old former non-profit exec who decided he wouldn’t let being laid off get the best of him.

The DC resident has mastered the art of giving. Since being let go last fall, Sandridge has spent his time giving out 10 bucks a day to random people in need.

There are no strings attached, no fine print. Thus far he has doled out over 1,000 and has documented the whole thing on his blog, He says that his mom, whom he remembers most for her kindness, always told him that when you’re going through tough times, is when you most need to give back.  Also on his blog are the needs of others.

Folks, this is crowd sourcing at its finest. I am feeling Reed Sandridge. Please spread the word about him and think twice next time before you spend a 10-spot on something silly.

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