Volunteer to Earn Your Ears?

When I first saw the commercials featuring Ms. Piggy daydreaming about Taye Diggs, I greatly empathized. Not for the obvious reasons (smile) but because I love the idea of being able to get those who have never considered service to volunteer for a day for an incentive. In the case of, ‘Give A Day, Get a Disney Day‘ the premise is simple: volunteer for a day (via the Hands on Network) and get free admission to a Disney Park (sans Mr. Diggs, unfortunately).

The initiative has proven to be a popular one, mobilizing over 1 million people to volunteer since its launch in January. Could it have been Taye in a hard hat that got folks to make moves? Or was it solely the incentive of a free ticket into the Magic Kingdom?

Or maybe, just maybe, people really wanted to give back.

Of course there are haters. Some say that people are being bribed to serve and that’s not a good thing. I remember there were folks that hated on Boost Mobile Rock Corps which got people to volunteer for 4 hours and would grant them a concert ticket.

I have to ask the obvious question: does it matter? If there is work that needs to get done and I incentivize you to do it, who cares? Furthermore, at the end of the day, you may just like all this ‘volunteerism stuff’ and decide to do it more often, make a career of it or, heaven forbid, write a check to a needy organization.

If you have to volunteer to earn your ears, I say rock on and tell Ms. Piggy, Kermit, Gonzo and Taye I said hello when you get to Epcott.

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