theGrio Salutes Today’s Black History Makers

It’s funny, there seems to barely be any attention paid to Black History month this go-round. Sheesh, it hasn’t even been a trending topic on Twitter as yet! Time is going by so fast, before you know it, the shortest month in the year will be over.
Thankfully, theGrio is taking time out to give African American heavy-hitters some shine.

Recently they unveiled “theGrio’s 100: History Makers in the Making.” The exclusive list honors Black History month by highlighting the next generation of African-American history makers and industry leaders who have the potential to make a difference in the lives of all Americans. Covering 10 areas, the 100 individuals will be profiled on all platforms of NBC News. Cooler than that though is theGrio’s new ‘Our History’ section which features news stories, commentary, and hundreds of video clips, including footage from NBC News’ archives. The ‘Our History’ section will be a permanent fixture on the site and will consistently feature new content year round.

The usual suspects can be found on the list: Beyonce, Oprah, Jay-Z and the like. But there are newbies as well:

HELENE GAYLE, 54 – President and CEO of CARE USA, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty global

SEUN ADEBIYI, 26 – Olympic hopeful, cancer patient, and bone marrow donation advocate

JOSHUA DUBOIS, 27 – Pentecostal minister; Head of the White House Office for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

URSULA BURNS, 51 – Chief Executive Officer of Xerox Corporation, first black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company

In case you didn’t know, is the first video-centric news community site devoted to providing African-Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets.

Here’s to today’s history makers. Check out the full list here.

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