Cause Marketing Feature: FFAWN and Catherine Malandrino Shine

Did I tell you how much I love Mary J. Blige? Now, I know I am probably one of billions of people that are expressing this sentiment at this very moment but I just had to get it out there.

Yes, I love her for her amazing voice. Yes, when she hits the stage each and every time I get excited. Yes, she is the epitome of timeless beauty. Yes, she is one of the most genuine individuals in the world of entertainment.

All of the above are great but I love her most though for two reasons.

First, when I was a lowly production secretary at ABC News and I snuck a buddy of mine on to the set of Good Morning America to see Mary, although she was pressed to leave, she stopped and took flicks. To this day, I will never forget the sheer joy on my friends face. It made her being late for work worth the risk.

Second, she’s committed to giving back.

In 2007, Mary and entertainment mogul Steve Stoute teamed up to create FFAWN, the Foundation for the Achievement of Women Now. The organization is working hard to use Mary’s personal story and success to inspire women from all walks of life to reach their individual potential.

Recently, Mary connected with friend and clothing designer, Catherine Malandrino to co-brand a T-shirt collection called FFAWN + Catherine Malandrino launching in stores next week. The collection features tunics with hand-painted messages such as “I’m Free” and “I’m Power.” The off-the-shoulder tops pictured on them retails starting for $39, will also be sold in the designer’s freestanding stores, and a percentage of all sales will benefit FFAWN. Additional styles will play up an abstract illustration of a phoenix and the FFAWN logo. If you want to meet them both, they will be greeting shoppers at Bloomingdale’s new 350-square-foot Catherine Malandrino concept shop in Manhattan tomorrow (2/17).

To support FFAWN, go to

Aren't they hot?!


FFAWN in Bloomie's Window




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