Cause Marketing Feature: Corporate-driven Aid for Haiti Reaches Astounding Heights

Corporations are flexing their ‘give-back’ muscles in order to help Haiti in its dire time of need. At the time of the posting of this report, well over $61 million had been raised to support the effort. Everyone from AT&T to Crocs to Mattel to Walt Disney and a whole bunch in between are digging into their stashes to effect change. The numbers are changing literally from minute to minute and the Business Civic Leadership Center is working hard to keep the data current. BCLC is coordinating closely with corporate members, as well as partner organizations including the Association for Corporate Contributions Professionals, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, Conference Board, Council on Foundations, and Entrepreneurs Foundation, to maintain and update a list. In fact, they publish new entries in the list within 24 hrs of receiving notification. I can’t wait to see who else joins the fray.

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