Cause Marketing Feature: Pepsi Does Something Refreshing

A few months back, I wrote a piece in which I discussed the fact that American Consumers were challenging corporations to save their advertising dollars and focus on the bigger picture of giving back. Apparently, one of the industry heavy hitters is taking heed.
For the first time in 23-years, Pepsi will not feature ads for their drinks during the Super Bowl this year on CBS.  The company spent $33 million advertising products like Pepsi, Gatorade, and Cheetos during the 2009 Super Bowl: $15 million of it on Pepsi alone.
So where will the dollars go? Well, the nation’s second-biggest soft drink maker is investing in its “Pepsi Refresh Project”. The initiative will pay at least $20 million to projects people create to “refresh” communities.

Starting this week, people can list their projects, which could range from helping to feed people to teaching children to read. Visitors can vote as of February 1st to determine which projects receive money.

Pepsi estimates the effort will fund thousands of projects and says other businesses will pledge money, too.
Now that’s refreshing. What say you Coca-Cola?

2 thoughts on “Cause Marketing Feature: Pepsi Does Something Refreshing

    • theajayieffect says:

      Hey Jessica! Thanks for the question.
      Social Media Week is wrapping up here in New York and what you are asking was at the heart of the CSR panel I attended.
      Corporations such as Pepsi say that they are making an effort to discourage slacktivism. That has yet to be seen. I feel that because they have such influence, it will take a great deal more to bring people offline.
      I worked on NYC Twestival some months back and although we generated buzz via social media, what touched me the most was going out to the organization that we were fundraising for (CampInteractive) and spending time with the people that are working hard to make sure the organization delivers effective programs.
      I think companies need to look closely at what Twestival has done to intergrate on and offline crowdsourcing and adopt best practices.
      Thanks again and have a restful weekend!

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