Cause Marketing Feature: Cause Marketing 101

Between now and December 18th I will probably attend over 20 events, all being hosted in the name of raising money for various charities. Most of them are focused on the cause of early childhood education and homelessness and require a ‘gently used toy, book or coat.’ And so the quest of foraging for these things begins…

Myself, I’m an avid fan of cause marketing campaigns (if you’re reading this you probably already knew that) as a most effective way to do good for an organization or cause. These campaigns are also great for a corporation’s bottom line and they’re good for the consumer. Everyone wins. My cause marketing campaign du jour is Starbuck’s Love Project which is tied to project (RED). Genius.

In any case, if all of this cause marketing stuff piques your interest, join me for this Cause Marketing teleconference a little later today. Should be good times.

Until then, I’m off to find a ‘gently used coat’….

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